Storm King's Thunder Legacy


The Heroes begin their adventure in Waterdeep at the Brewleaf Tavern and Brewery. Ziago the Dark hires four adventurers to go to Nigtstone. There at Nighstone the group they are suppose to contact Morak Urgary a dwarf that owns the Nightstone Inn. After traveling a day or so…

The group arrives at Nightstone with the village over run by goblins and half destroyed by an attack from a Cloud Giant Castle that passed through the area. The group kills goblins and eventually run into a female agent of the Zhetruim faction. She was their to help convert Nightstone to an outpost. In the aftermath of the giant attack she sent for the Zhent mercenary group called the Snakes.  The group is not aware of this till after the group discovers the guards at Nightsone Keep.

It is here the group learns that populace of Nightstone has fled to the "Dripping Caves". The group learns that goblins attacked the refugees and took them capture.  There is a noise at the villages gates the Zhents have arrived. 



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